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Workation in Nepal worka and travel

Workation in Nepal: Work Remotely while exploring Nepal

Remote Work has boomed after the pandemic making it a very convenient and profitable form of occupation that cuts down on the company budget while providing freedom for the employees. This has opened opportunities for employees to travel and work around the world.

Nepal is an ancient country with fabulous scenery and a rich culture waiting to be discovered. From the friendly locals to the icy peaks of the world’s highest mountains, from the diverse topography to the unique sports, and diversity in wildlife to the feeling of being in nature, Nepal has everything to offer the only boundary would be your imagination.

“Workation in Nepal” gives a perfect chance for travelers to take it all in without rushing and to truly immerse themselves in everything that Nepal offers. They can work peacefully while having full access to the internet and can easily unwind in Nature whenever they feel like they need to re-energize. There are ample options for accommodation and lifestyle to work remotely in Nepal from hotels to homestays.

Requirements for Workation in Nepal

Although working remotely is a great convenience, a few necessities need to be fulfilled to enjoy this type of working style. As long as these conditions are met workation in Nepal is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Proper accommodation for a long stay.
  • Pre-planning and pre-booking
  • Knowing the Transportation System
  • Nepal is still in its initial phase of online presence so be sure to check the product/apartment in person before committing yourself to something.
  • Travel Insurance that covers all your emergencies.

Necessary Accommodation for Workation

The homestays and hotels in Nepal have 24-hour internet service. Nepal is an extremely affordable country when it comes to accommodation and food so it is advised to take a normal pricing option rather than going for the cheapest available rates in the market and not getting enough service. The place you stay highly matter when it comes to workation. It needs to be peaceful and at the same time close to all the highlights.

Homestays: Homestays in Nepal have grown in popularity in the past few years. The reason for this popularity is the traveler’s wish to immerse themselves in the culture of Nepal and what better way than to stay with a Nepalese family. Homestays are located in peaceful surroundings that help you focus on work. They provide an excellent opportunity to experience the lifestyle and culture of Nepal. Also, make sure to book homestays as per your needs as it is someone’s house, usually every homestay has basic amenities however your specific needs might not be available only book homestays covering your needs.

Hotels: Hotels are always an option for accommodation throughout the world. However, for a workation choosing the right hotel based on proper facilities and not too expensive as you will be staying for a long time. A hotel with a workstation close to the city will be awesome. As mentioned before Nepal has cheap accommodation so go for the normal hotel rather than the cheapest one online as they might not have AC or other amenities. Your hotel will be your home for the time you spend in Nepal and if you stay in the same hotel throughout your stay or in branches of those hotels you are guaranteed to get a good deal on pricing.

Transportation in Nepal:

While you work and travel through Nepal you need to know the popular transportation that can efficiently get you from one place to another. Nepal has a good network of transportation inside the city during the day but it gets quiet at night with only cabs available. If you need to travel outside the city you will need to book tickets from travel agencies. They can provide you with buses with WiFi access or flight tickets. Flight duration is low in Nepal as it’s a small country. For a more luxurious experience hiring a private service vehicle is also an option.

Top 10 Things to do during your stay in Nepal:

Nepal offers a variety of activities so you never run out of things to do here. From Trekking to city sightseeing, Rafting to Mountain Flight, Jungle Safari to Night Life, and setting your imagination as the boundary Nepal offers activities for everyone. Work remotely in Nepal and learn more about the activities that suit you the most. Listed below are some of the popular activities in Nepal:


Workation in Nepal Trekking and Hiking

Nepal is the pioneer in commercial trekking. With over 14 peaks above 8000m, Nepal provides ample opportunities and options for trekking. The allure of trekking is the fresh feeling of nature while enjoying camping and waking up to beautiful sceneries. The best part of trekking however is when you reach the top and see a mindblowing view as a reward from nature for your climb and determination. Trekking is extremely popular with IT professionals as it lets them immerse in the natural environment and clears away their stress.

If trekking is too taxing Nepal has beautiful hilltops from which you can experience sunrises and a view that will take your breath away. These hills can easily be hiked ranging from a day hike to 9 days hike depending on the hill that is chosen for hiking.


An ancient country with diversity in culture and blessed by nature has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing. Nepal has a rich history and architectural structure dating back to 464 AD along with having 10 UNESCO cultural heritage sites. The diverse topography of Nepal offers jaw-dropping natural scenery and spectacular spots for refreshing yourself from work. The festive season completely changes the vibe in Nepal increasing its shine as the whole city is decorated. Workation in Nepal is the best way to taste these flavors as you will be here for a prolonged time and can observe how the seasons change the vibe of the country.

Sightseeing in Nepal during Workation


Rafting in Nepal during Workation

An adrenaline-rushing experience of going down the Trishuli River would refresh anyone who is on a Workation in Nepal. Nepal is the second richest country in freshwater sources and has a lot of rivers. After a briefing from the instructor enjoy a thrilling river rafting ride from 22 to 270 km depending on the river chosen. As you navigate through turbulent waters, the freshwater over your face leaves a memorable and heart-racing experience.


Paragliding, although a newly introduced adventure sport in Nepal, has skyrocketed in popularity. One of the causes is the geography of the country itself. The hills and mountains complemented by the forest, lakes, and rivers give the glider a scenery that would blow their minds. Paragliding in Nepal is completely unconventional. Soar through the sky with mountains on the backdrop, a lake on the side, and a green city below you. This is just a day’s adventure spanning at most 6 hours (depending on the chosen option) from your doorstep till you land.

Paragliding in Nepal during Workation

Jungle Safari:

Jungle Safari in Nepal during Workation

After a long day’s work, spoil yourself in the cradle of nature as you take an adventurous jungle safari through the National Parks and Wildlife Reserves of Nepal. Traverse through wetlands, lakes, and a deep jungle encountering exotic flora and fauna. Although the National Parks are not in Kathmandu they are accessible via transport equipped with mobile internet making it a perfect chance to work and travel through Nepal.

The options for Jungle Safari cover people with different preferences without bias. In all these activities you will be accompanied by a Jungle guide who will help you spot animals. If you like to do it leisurely Jeep Safari would be best or if u want a little excitement but not a lot of walking Elephant Safari is a fantastic option. For a more adventure-loving individual Jungle Walk is also an option. If you don’t want to do it on land that’s fine as Safaris can also be done via canoeing through the river.

Zip Flying:

Zip Flying is another one-day activity popular among people who are having a Workation in Nepal. Even if it’s remote work it is taxing on the body. Soar through the forest and hills with Zip Flying and refresh yourself. This adventure sport is extremely popular in Nepal as the topography itself helps to set zip flyers from one hill to another. Add to that the rivers, lakes, and forests with a mountainous background, it becomes a flight through heaven.

Zip Flying activity usually takes 2 to 4 hours from your doorstep till you land depending upon the destination you choose to do the activity. In Pokhara, we have one of the steepest Zip Flyers from Sarangkot Hill to Hyangja reaching a maximum speed of 120km/hr and covering a distance of 1800m.

Zip FLying in Nepal during Staycation

Mountain Flights:

Mountain Flights during Workstation in Nepal

Have a busy schedule to plan for trekking but want to see the Himalayas bad? Well, then there always is the option of flying over it. Mountain Flights have been in operation for quite some time and are exclusively great for people who cannot do trekking or are too busy to make time for trekking. These flights are operated by renowned flight companies that have been in operation since 1997. Although these flights run daily it is recommended to do it on a clear day which won’t be a problem if you are on a Workation in Nepal.

The flight goes above and around the Everest Region spanning 1 hour in length and offers a fabulous view of some of the tallest giants in the world. The total time taken from your doorstep to boarding and back is roughly 3 hours making it ideal for people who work remotely in Nepal wanting to see the Himalayas without trekking.

Bungee Jumping:

The most popular of all is the leap of faith into the river from the bridge teasing death. This heart-pumping activity is pretty famous and refreshing. There are a couple of spots in Nepal that offer Bungee Jumping, one of them being the second tallest bungee in the world which is 228m in height and takes place from a suspension bridge that is 520m long connecting two districts of Nepal.

The distance and time taken completely depends on where you are staying but this activity can be completed over a weekend. It is perfect for people interested in extreme sports or adrenaline-rushing activities.

Bungee jumping from Kushma bridge for refreshment from work

Heli Tour:

Heli Tour in Nepal during workation.

Have a busy schedule but want to land on base camps and live the experience of trekking without spending too much time? Heli Tour would be your option to go. Heli tours are available from Kathmandu and land on famous landmarks that are usually trekked to. Since it has limited customers aboard it can be tailored to your choice on whether to visit the religious sites or to land on base camps and famous spots to gather Himalayan experience.

This is the best option for individuals with a short time in hand or someone who is limited by their physical ability to complete a trek. Take in the bird’s eye view of the magnificent mountains and land in spectacular spots.

Peak Climbing:

An extremely technical and physically challenging task that will push you to your limits but the reward is even more appealing. The peaks climbing is a perfectly coordinated activity taking you above 8000 m with the world below you. It requires special equipment, training, and physical fitness to conquer the peaks of Nepal.

Most of the peaks can be conquered in a short time with proper acclimatization and good preparation. However, if you want to take the top of the world that will require you to be patient as the weather plays a big role in safely climbing the peak. The training can be done and completed while you are working and the climb will need you to take days off.

Peak Climbing in Nepal while on a Workation.


All in all workation in Nepal gives you unique experiences as you remotely work and travel through Nepal. These were just the top 10 there are activities such as Elephant Polo, cable car rides, etc. that can be enjoyed in Nepal. Work and Travel highly increase your chances of being deeply immersed in the culture and traditions of Nepal. After getting knowledge on transportation, accommodation, and activities along with insurance make sure you pack properly for the activities that you are interested in. There are also stores in Thamel like Kalapatthar which can rent you stuff for trekking. Nepal is packed with new experiences and discoveries so make sure to come prepared to work remotely in Nepal.

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