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There are a lot of trekking and travel agencies offering a tour and travel package but if you are searching for a homestay package then Homestay with Touch The Himalaya could be the right solution for you. In this package, we will provide you with an opportunity to stay and spend some time in Nepal with a Nepali family. For visitors searching for a more genuine and immersive experience in Nepal, homestays are a popular choice.

Preparing for a Homestay in Nepal: Important Information

  • In Nepal, homestays are a common form of lodging since they provide guests a taste of the way of life and culture there.
  • Homestays, which are frequently run by families, provide a more genuine experience than hotels or guesthouses.
  • Meals are frequently provided as part of the homestay experience, and visitors can sample authentic Nepali food.
  • Homestays are frequently found in rural locations, giving guests the chance to explore the surrounding area and take in Nepal's breathtaking natural beauty.
  • While staying in a homestay, visitors should be ready to adjust to the regional traditions and customs.
  • Homestays are frequently less expensive than other types of lodging, making them a popular option for tourists on a tight budget.
  • Before making a reservation, it is crucial to get in touch with the host family to learn more about the services and amenities offered.
  • ​As many homestay hosts depend on the money to support their families, homestay can be a fantastic way to support local communities.​
  • Since the homestay program in Nepal is still in the planning stages, there may not be a set standard for amenities and facilities.
  • Travelers should be ready for basic amenities because some homestays in Nepal do not have contemporary conveniences like hot water, flush toilets, and private baths.
It's crucial to remember that homestay possibilities may be few depending on the area and the season, so it's better to make reservations in advance. Finding a reliable and trustworthy provider is essential, as is being aware of local customs and proper etiquette when staying in someone else's home.

Following are a few well-liked homestay choices in Nepal:

Community Homestay

Authentic cultural experiences are what the Community Homestay Program in Nepal seeks to provide guests with while also promoting sustainable tourism and supporting local communities. Under the program, local communities give tourists the chance to stay in their homes, get a glimpse of their culture, and take part in community events. Several locations in Nepal, including Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bandipur, and a number of rural villages, are currently offering the Community Homestay program. Local families open their homes to visitors, offering them comfortable lodging and meals made with organically grown local produce. Visitors can take part in a range of cultural events during their stay, including traditional dance and music performances, cooking lessons, and handicraft workshops. Guests can also take part in community projects and events, tour the village or town where they are staying, and learn about the history and culture of the area. A community-based effort, the Community Homestay program seeks to benefit regional communities and advance sustainable tourism. The program has been successful in giving local residents job opportunities and producing revenue for the community. Overall, the Community Homestay Program in Nepal is a great option for tourists seeking an authentic cultural experience and who want to help local people while also promoting sustainable tourism.

Cultural Homestay

Homestays in Nepal Provide Genuine Nepali Hospitality—Learn About the Local Food, Culture, and Scenic Beauty for a Memorable Stay! Real Homestays Will Let You Feel Nepali Culture's Warm Feeling: Enjoy Delicious Food, Immerse Yourself in Local Traditions, and Be Awed by Nepal's Natural Beauty! Our cultural homestays provide a special opportunity to interact with the people, learn about their cultures and beliefs, and make unforgettable memories. These opportunities are available everywhere, from the picturesque streets of Bhaktapur to the serene hills of Bandipur and the stunning beauty of Sirubari. Our local hosts are excited to share their knowledge and hospitality with you, whether you're interested in local dance performances, pottery classes, or hiking excursions. Reserve your stay today to see Nepal in all its glory!

Rural Homestay

These homestays give guests the chance to get a taste of rural Nepal's traditional way of life. Tourists can stay with local families, take part in their everyday activities, and discover the local way of life.

Eco-friendly Homestay

These lodgings are situated in rural areas and provide a chance to take in Nepal's natural beauty while also advancing responsible travel.

Trekking Homestay

These lodgings are situated in isolated communities along well-traveled trekking routes and provide a chance to get a feel for the local way of life while mountain trekking.

Volunteer Homestay

These homestays give guests the chance to support neighborhood development initiatives while learning about the local culture and customs and volunteering with neighborhood groups

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