Landing Mardi Himal Basecamp by Helicopter -1.5 Hours

Thrilling Heli Ride
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Price Per Person

  • 1 PAX US$3000
  • 2 PAX US$1500
  • 3 PAX US$1000
  • 4 PAX US$800
  • 5-10 PAX US$650
Price Per Person US$ 650 All included Services

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Highlights of this Experience

  • Helicopter flight over the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges
  • Heli landing at Mardi Himal Base Camp
  • Stunning views of Mardi Himal, Machhapuchhre, and Dhaulagiri
  • There is enough time in Mardi Base Camp to explore and create memorable moments.
  • If the flight is canceled due to poor weather, you will receive a full refund.

Mardi Himal Base camp Heli Tour

If you have limited time in Pokhara and cannot complete the uphill and downhill hike of the full route, a helicopter trip of the Mardi Himal brings you to the 4,500-meter-high base camp of the mountain in just one day. This is an ideal approach to see the Mardi Himal up close in addition to the breathtaking scenery of the Annapurna region.

There’s no better way to experience the breathtaking Himalayan scenery than by taking a helicopter tour to Mardi Himal in Nepal. Despite its equally breathtaking panoramas, Mardi Himal, nestled in the Annapurna area, offers a tranquil retreat from the busier hiking routes. Scooping up the expansive vistas of snow-capped peaks, such as the famous Machapuchare, in a shorter amount of time is made possible by the ease of a helicopter trip.

The Himalayas’ unique beauty is seen as the rough terrain spreads out beneath you from an airborne viewpoint. Everyone who sees the mountains is struck by their overwhelming size and sharp peaks that pierce the sky. The helicopter ride provides a special viewpoint that makes it possible to take in the area’s breathtaking natural beauty and take in unmatched photo opportunities.

It is imperative that you communicate with reliable local tour providers before starting such an adventure. They can offer vital details about available tours, safety procedures, and any required permits. They might also provide advice on when is the best time of year to go on the tour, taking visibility and weather into account.A helicopter tour to Mardi Himal guarantees an amazing experience, whether you’re an adventurer looking for an exhilarating experience or a nature lover wanting to lose yourself in the tranquil splendor of the Himalayas. You’ll make lifelong memories in the serene surroundings of the mountains with mesmerizing views.

Pokhara-Mardi Himal Base Camp Helicopter Flight

Touch the Himalaya and Expedition offers a helicopter tour package to Mardi Himal. The flight from Pokhara to Mardi Base Camp by helicopter is breathtaking, taking you over the serene lakes and verdant woods that line the Pokhara valley. Passengers are treated to breathtaking views that almost seem unearthly in their magnificence as soon as the chopper takes off from the airport.
The tour departs from Pokhara airport and takes about 12–15 minutes to reach the landing site.

The breathtaking flight over the serene lakes and verdant woods that beautify the Pokhara valley precedes the helicopter ride from Pokhara to Mardi Base Camp. As soon as the helicopter takes off from the airport, the passengers are welcomed by breathtaking views that appear unbelievable in their beauty.The Himalayas may be seen in their entirety from the Mardi Himal base camp. You can enjoy breath-taking views of the Annapurna ranges, Machhapuchre, Gangapurna, Hinchuli, and the Mardi Himal from the base camp.

The package includes pick-up and drop-off from your hotel in Pokhara Lakeside, as well as airport departure tax. Helicopters are equipped with oxygen tanks in case of emergencies.

The ideal time to take a helicopter tour to Mardi Base Camp

Spring, usually from March to May, is the best time of year to take a helicopter tour to Mardi Base Camp. The ideal combination of bright skies, comfortable temperatures, and stunning landscape is present throughout this time of year. Bright hues decorate the landscape as the winter snow melts and is replaced by lush foliage. These months tend to have consistent weather, which reduces the possibility of unfavorable conditions causing flight disruptions.

Furthermore, as they soar over the breathtaking environment, visitors can fully experience the panoramic vistas of the neighboring Himalayan peaks, including Annapurna and Machhapuchhre, because to the superb visibility. For those wanting a remarkable experience, whether they are nature lovers or adventure seekers, spring offers the best conditions for an amazing helicopter ride to Mardi Base Camp.

Cost Of Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour 

The length of the tour, the helicopter company you select, the number of passengers, and any extra services or luxuries included in the package are some of the variables that can affect the cost of a helicopter tour to Mardi Himal. Prices for a shared/group helicopter flight to Mardi Himal typically run from $1800to $2000 per person, while private tours can cost anywhere from $3000 or more, depending on the level of luxury and personalization desired.

It is important to know that each helicopter can only accommodate five persons at most. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities during your trip with Touch The Himalaya and Expedition. To protect your safety, our knowledgeable and skilled pilots will be present. In the Himalayas, get ready for an incredible flying journey.

The Mardi Himal’s Beauty and Its Base Camp

Mardi Himal Base Camp Heli Tour

With its magnificent scenery, Mardi Himal and Base Camp, which are tucked away in the Annapurna region, are the pinnacles of beauty found in nature. Snow-capped mountains, lush, alive forests, and gushing waterfalls create a captivating scene that enthralls all who see it. Trekking to Mardi Himal Base Camp offers adventurers of all ability levels a captivating experience with a varied landscape that includes rough mountain slopes and rich rhododendron woods.

The breathtaking view of the surrounding Himalayan giants, including Hiunchuli, Machhapuchhre, and Annapurna South, opens up as one ascends towards the base camp, inspiring awe at the majesty of nature. The crisp mountain air enlivens the spirit as hikers go closer to the breathtaking majesty of these snow-capped peaks with every step. Trekking gains depth as a result of interactions with the region’s flora and animals, as well as the friendly mountain communities that offer insights into the region’s rich natural and cultural legacy.

A peaceful environment and pristine scenery create a sanctuary for reflection and appreciation of the surrounding splendor at the base camp itself. Travelers can witness the mountains aflame with the golden hues of sunrise here, in the tranquil expanse of the Himalayan nature, or they can just enjoy the serene seclusion of the area. The ability to escape the daily grind and re-connect with the unadulterated beauty of the natural world is a unique experience that Mardi Himal Base Camp offers, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who visits.

Can I privately book Mardi Himal Base Camp Heli Tour ?

Mardi Himal Base Camp Heli Tour can be reserved privately. Private helicopter tour to Mardi Himal Base Camp offer a singular and beautiful experience, allowing you to see Mardi Himal Base Camp and take in panoramic vistas of the Himalayas. Private trips are often more expensive than book the tours in group.

The price of this 4 to 5 hours helicopter charter comes about USD 4500, three to four person can lift on with this Helicopter and the other one we have B3e series helicopter, that can take off with 5 passengers to Mardi Himal Base Camp Heli Tour which cost comes about 5400 USD. Actually how many people can helicopter ride is determines on weight of passengers, so we ask the weight of passenger before conform the booking.

Comparably private trips are often more expensive but allowing you some of additional services or customization you need. Furthermore, you should plan and reserve your tour in advance because there might not be much availability, particularly during busy times.

Mardi Himal Base Camp Heli tour Group joining possible for solo traveler ?

It is feasible for lone visitors to go on an Mardi Himal Base Camp Heli Tour with a group. Group joining tours are a fantastic method for solo travelers or to go cheaper tour to make new friends, cut the cost of service, and take the trip in a group. You will travel with a small group that usually consists of solo travelers or other independent tour participants. As the costs are split between the participants, joining a group trip be more affordable than scheduling a solo tour.

We will be able to provide you details on available group joining tours and assist you in making reservations. However for Group joining opportunity you might wait one or two day some time, Before making your reservation, it’s crucial to enquire about the group size, the schedule, and any other pertinent information.

Options & Add-Ons

Please apply for our add-on option if you would like to participate in this heli tour while you are in Kathmandu.

Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara by Private Car/ By Flight:

You can also take a beautiful drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara for a personalized and enjoyable travel experience. Three or four passengers can fit in a car for about USD 140. and 30 to 35 minute kathmandu to Pokhara flight charge USD 106 Per Person the assurance of a tailored and simple tour, this premium choice allows you and your group to enjoy the amazing adventure in the utmost luxury.

Safety Protocols During Mardi Helicopter Tour:

Pre-flight Briefing: For important information, our pilot will provide a pre-flight brief. Listen closely to this briefing since it will cover safety considerations, emergency preparations, and any particular instructions about the Mardi Himal region.
Seat Belts and Harnesses: It is necessary for you to always use seat belts or harnesses when traveling in the helicopter. Make sure you understand the proper technique to loosen and tighten them; if not, the pilot is available to assist you at all times.

Pay attention to the pilot: Always follow the instructions given by the pilot. They are trained specialists who prioritize your safety. If they give you information or instructions while you’re in the air, pay close attention to what they say and obey.
Weight Restrictions: The weight of passengers and luggage is restricted due to helicopter capacity limitations. You should follow these guidelines for security’s sake.
Health and Medical Considerations: Kindly inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions or requirements. You should also include any necessary prescriptions or medical supplies for the trip.

Mardi Base Camp Heli Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the grandeur of the Himalayas and get a feelings in (4500 meters) of elevation is provided by a Mardi Himal Base Camp Heli Tour. Which is comparably expensive however if you are in group of 3-5 people charter a flight comes cheaper then buying Mardi Himal Base Camp Heli Tour in group tour. If any one wants to inquire about this tour, please whats app or email us, some time we have others too to share the cost of flight.

Why Book This Mardi Base Camp Helicopter Tour With Touch The Himalaya and Expedition?

  • Easy and secure online reservation method.
  • Adaptable schedules with assistance for postponing travel
  • Airport pickup and drop-off included. 
  • 24/7 service and support for customers.
  • Safe and well-maintained helicopters used.
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7:00 – 7:15

Wake up and Get ready for the airport transfer

Max. Altitude: 820 m/ 2,690 ft. Meals: Breakfast
7:15 - 7:30
Max. Altitude: 820 m/ 2,690 ft.
7:30 - 7: 45
Max. Altitude: 4,500 m/ 14,763 ft.
7:45 - 8:30
Max. Altitude: 4,500 m/ 14,763 ft.
08:30 - 08:45
Max. Altitude: 820 m/ 2,690 ft.

Flight Note

It’s Important to remember that the weather has a big impact on Everest Base Camp Heli Tour. Visibility is essential for safe operations, and the flights are dependent on weather clearance. Although WE are giving Every day’s flying availability, It is advised to schedule the trip during the optimum weather in Nepal, which is often between March to May and September to November, when the sky are clear and the scenery is breathtaking.

What's Included / Excluded

Cost Incluldes

  • Pokhara Airport  drop off and Pick up  from your hotel in Kathmandu
  • Airport tax to entry into and flying Helicopter.
  • Annapurna Conservation Area  permits for flying over conservation area
  • TIMS Card
  • Helicopter route permits: PKr-Jomsom-Muktinata
  • All the landing charge  to the spots

Cost Excludes

  • Personal expense, if  you spend in the landing sports
  • Personal gear and equipment.
  • Any kinds of drinks (tea, coffee, hot water, etc)
  • Extra Drinks and BeveragesAll the other expenses not mentioned in the cost include a list.
  • All Fees and Taxes

Fixed Departure

WE are giving Every day’s departure availability, It is advised to schedule the trip during the optimum weather in Nepal, which is often between March to May and September to November, when the sky are clear and the scenery is breathtaking. This is also informed that some time the flights can be cancel or delayed due to the weather reason or some other technical mater.

Booking and Cancellation procedure

Booking procedure of Everest Base Camp Heli Tour: 

  • Research and decide your tour with us first.
  • Contact us through our website, email, or phone to insure about availability and any specific questions.
  • Confirm Availability and Dates (Some time flights may be rescheduled or canceled for safety reasons due to the bad weather.
  • Provide Necessary Information (name, nationality, passport number and your weight)
  • Confirm Booking Payment (10 % upon booking conformation and remaining bill before 24 hours of of your tour)
  • Final reconfirmation, payment and be prepared for the tour. 

Cancellation procedure of Everest Base Camp Heli Tour: 

  • Read the Cancellation Policy provided in our website.
  • Inform us the reason and decision to cancel the tour by mail.
  • Send request for your cancelation at least one week before to get 100% refund (refund amount may be different due to the change of exchange rates)
  • 10 % of your deposit won’t be refund if you cancel less then a week before your trip.
  • Due to the difficult Law of Center bank of Nepal to wire or transfer money internationally, refund process may take time or you can get cash as refund if you are in Nepal.
  • if we will be compelled to Cancel your trip from our side, due to various reasons such as bad weather conditions, natural disasters, technical errors, etc., you are eligible to have a full refund.



How long does the tour last?

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