Bungee Jumping in Nepal- Four Best Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee Jumping in Nepal
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Price Per Person

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  • 2 PAX US$95
  • 3 PAX US$90
  • 4 PAX US$85
  • 5-10 PAX US$80
  • 11-20 PAX US$75
Price Per Person US$ 75 All included Services

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Highlights of this Experience

  • World’s highest commercial bungee jump at Bhote Koshi Bridge.
  • Stunning natural backdrops of Himalayan peaks and river gorges.
  • Unique experiences such as cliff jumps and jumps from suspension bridges.
  • Availability of professional operators ensuring safety standards.
  • Adventurous activities combined with breathtaking scenery for an unforgettable experience.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal with Touch The Himalaya

In Nepal, bungee jumping offers an incredible experience amidst breathtaking natural scenery. The country provides an excellent playground for this extreme sport with its varied topography, which includes deep river gorges, beautiful valleys, and towering Himalayan peaks.
The famous Bhote Koshi Bridge, which rises 160 meters above the Bhote Koshi River close to the border between Nepal and Tibet, is the main attraction of bungee jumping in Nepal. Renowned for housing one of the highest commercial bungee leaps in the world, this bridge is ideally situated only a few hours’ drive from Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu.

Moreover, Pokhara, situated in central Nepal, emerges as an increasingly sought-after destination for bungee jumping enthusiasts. Offering an unmatched view of the picturesque Pokhara Valley and the majestic Annapurna mountain range, participants are treated to a unique encounter as they take the plunge from a tower overlooking a serene pond within Pokhara’s serene surroundings.

This booming trend adds to Pokhara’s allure as a hub for adventure seekers, blending adrenaline-fueled activities with the tranquility of nature’s splendor. As enthusiasts flock to this scenic city, the bungee jumping experience not only provides an adrenaline rush but also offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal. With each jump, guests create lasting memories of daring feats and awe-inspiring vistas, solidifying Pokhara’s reputation as a premier destination for adventure and exploration.

These bungee jumping locations not only offer the adrenaline rush of free-falling but also present an opportunity to marvel at Nepal’s stunning scenery, including its towering peaks, roaring rivers, and lush valleys. Whether seeking adventure or admiring nature’s beauty, bungee jumping in Nepal promises an unforgettable experience in one of the world’s most captivating settings.

Touch The Himalaya provides the best service for Bungee Jumping because:

  • We offer smooth and hassle-free online booking and travel.
  • We provide customized itineraries as per the client’s request.
  • Complete tour organization from pick-up drop to private vehicle provision as per your request.
  • Awarded many times for best service from reputed travel sites such as TripAdvisor.
  • Has been in the establishment for over a decade.
  • Pocket-friendly packages and highly reputed customer service.
  • 24/7 service and reachability during the trip.

Kushma Bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Kushma Bungee Jump, located in the picturesque district of Parbat in Nepal, delivers an electrifying experience amidst the stunning backdrop of craggy cliffs and deep ravines. Participants take the leap from a precarious platform positioned on the edge of a towering cliff, offering them an unmatched opportunity to plummet into the depths below. Set against the majestic Kushma Cliff overlooking the Kali Gandaki River gorge, adventurers are treated to expansive vistas of the neighboring Annapurna and Manaslu mountain ranges, enhancing the excitement and allure of the adventure.

The Kushma Cliff Bungee Jump is unique due to its flawless fusion of heart-pounding excitement and breathtaking beauty. The surge of wind and the majesty of the Himalayan landscape envelop jumpers as they descend, creating an adrenaline rush that lasts for a very long time. The Kushma Cliff Bungee leap provides travelers with an amazing experience that skillfully blends the excitement of extreme sports with the serenity of nature’s grandeur, whether it’s the adrenaline rush of the leap or the stunning scenery that captivates.

Bungee in Pokhara

In the beautiful landscapes of Pokhara, Nepal, travelers can enjoy an exhilarating and unique experience by bungee jumping. Pokhara is the second most tourist city of Nepal where people from around the globe gather for adventure as well as to enjoy the serenity of our lakes. In contrast to more conventional bungee leaping from cliffs or bridges, Pokhara’s bungee jumping is done from a specifically built tower that is situated above a peaceful pond. This unique arrangement gives jumpers a unique viewpoint as they descend and lets them take in the tranquil atmosphere of Pokhara Valley and the magnificent Annapurna mountain range.

Bungee jumping in Pokhara promises an exhilarating experience mixed with the spectacular splendor of Nepal’s natural scenery. The jump tower’s location provides breathtaking all-around vistas, adding to the thrilling plunge. Bungee jumping in Pokhara promises an incredible experience that skillfully combines adrenaline-fueled excitement with the peace of nature’s splendor, whether it’s for the thrill of the leap or the breathtaking landscapes.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Last Resort Bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

The Last Resort is known for providing one of the most exhilarating bungee jumping experiences in Nepal. It is located along the Araniko Highway, close to the border between Nepal and Tibet. The bungee jump platform, which is perched on the edge of a profound gorge cut by the Bhote Koshi River, provides thrill-seekers with the chance to dive into the chasm below. At The Last Resort, guests are rewarded to an incredible freefall experience amid gorgeous natural environment, with the roaring river and craggy cliffs serving as the backdrop.

The breathtaking surroundings that surround the heart-stopping excitement of The Last Resort’s bungee leap are what really make it unique. As they plummet toward the river gorge, jumpers can fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking Himalayan scenery, making the experience one that will never be forgotten. The Last Resort’s bungee jump offers thrill-seekers an unforgettable experience in one of Nepal’s most beautiful locations by combining the excitement of extreme sports with the tranquility of the natural world.

Bungee jumping in Nepal offers an exhilarating adventure in the middle of stunning natural landscapes, but it’s essential to be well-informed before taking the plunge. With safety as a top priority, operators ensure that participants receive proper guidance and equipment for a safe and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a first-time jumper or a seasoned thrill-seeker, there are age, weight, and health considerations to keep in mind.

Additionally, choosing the right clothing and timing your jump according to weather conditions can enhance your experience. Ultimately, bungee jumping in Nepal promises unforgettable thrills and breathtaking views, making it an adventure of a lifetime for those who dare to take the leap.

Preparation For Bungee Jumping in Nepal

In order to guarantee a risk-free and thrilling experience, bungee jumping in Nepal requires both physical and mental preparation. Make sure, first, that you are well and clear of any illnesses that could be made worse by the jump, such as high blood pressure, heart difficulties, or neurological diseases. Put on safe, weather-appropriate footwear and cozy apparel.

To minimize nausea, it is best to abstain from large meals and alcohol prior to the leap. It is essential to make your reservation through a reliable business that complies with international safety standards; they will give you a detailed explanation of the procedure and safety precautions. Last but not least, mentally get ready by concentrating on the excitement and singular experience; a good outlook will amp up the entire journey.

Ideal Months, Seasons, and Times for Bungee Jumping in Nepal

In Nepal, the best months to go bungee jumping are September through May, which coincides with the fall and spring seasons. With bright skies, comfortable temperatures, and little to no rain, certain times of year provide the ideal weather, which improves overall enjoyment and safety. Autumn brings nice weather with gorgeous post-monsoon vegetation and unobstructed vistas of the Himalayas, from September to November.

Bright scenery and blossoming rhododendrons can be found throughout the spring, which lasts from March to May. Steer clear during the monsoon season (June to August) because of the high chance of flooding and severe weather. The greatest times of day to go bungee jumping are in the early morning or late afternoon, when the weather is cooler and the lighting is perfect for snapping pictures of the amazing countryside.

Difficulty Level of Bungee Jumping in Nepal

The level of difficulty associated with bungee jumping in Nepal is generally considered to be moderate due to the absence of a requirement for specific skills or prior experience. The primary obstacle lies in overcoming the mental challenge of leaping from a considerable height, which can be intimidating for those attempting it for the first time.

Physically, the act of jumping is simple, as it is overseen by highly skilled professionals who ensure that all safety procedures are adhered to. Participants are required to adhere to instructions, remain composed, and have faith in the equipment and staff. Despite the intense and exhilarating nature of the jump, the extensive safety precautions and expert guidance make bungee jumping in Nepal an attainable and secure activity for most adventure enthusiasts, including novices.

What You Can Expect from Bungee Jumping in Nepal?

Bungee jumping in Nepal provides an exhilarating experience surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Himalayan region. When you take the leap from the suspension bridge spanning the Bhote Koshi River, you will feel a powerful surge of adrenaline as you free fall from a height of approximately 160 meters. The stunning natural beauty, including verdant valleys, terraced hillsides, and the turbulent river below, amplifies the excitement of the jump. The activity is overseen by well-trained professionals who prioritize safety and utilize equipment that meets international standards. This adventure not only caters to thrill-seekers but also offers a unique opportunity to engage with Nepal’s magnificent landscape, ensuring it becomes an unforgettable highlight of your travels.

Is Nepal an Appropriate Destination for Bungee Jumping?

Nepal offers an ideal setting for bungee jumping, combining an adrenaline-pumping experience with awe-inspiring natural beauty. Specifically, bungee jumping locations in the country, such as over the Bhote Koshi River, deliver an exciting opportunity to free fall from heights of approximately 160 meters. The magnificent surroundings of verdant valleys, terraced hills, and the majestic Himalayas further enhance the thrill and allure of the jump. The activity is overseen by skilled professionals who adhere to global safety regulations, ensuring that it is a secure and enjoyable experience for both novices and experienced thrill-seekers. With its fusion of adventure and picturesque landscapes, Nepal stands as an optimal destination for enthusiasts of bungee jumping.

Insights in the Bungee Jumping Adventure Sport

Engaging in bungee jumping presents an exciting challenge that tests both mental and physical limits, delivering an unmatched rush for those seeking excitement. Participants leap from great heights while securely fastened, leading to a powerful surge of adrenaline and the release of endorphins. Emphasizing safety, respected operators strictly adhere to rigorous guidelines and utilize top-notch gear. With its accessibility to a wide range of individuals, bungee jumping has gained popularity across the globe, providing one-of-a-kind experiences at iconic sites such as bridges and cliffs. Apart from the exhilaration, it also bolsters local economies through tourism and can facilitate personal development by helping individuals conquer fears and build confidence.

Why choose us for Bungee Jumping in Nepal?

Touch The Himalaya provides the best service for Bungee Jumping because:

  • We offer smooth and hassle-free online booking and travel.
  • We provide customized itineraries as per the client’s request.
  • Complete tour organization from pick-up drop to private vehicle provision as per your request.
  • Awarded many times for best service from reputed travel sites such as TripAdvisor.
  • Has been in the establishment for over a decade.
  • Pocket-friendly packages and highly reputed customer service.
  • 24/7 service and reachability during the trip.

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Wake up and Get ready for the transfer

Max. Altitude: 1400m/4593ft. Meals: Breakfast
Max. Altitude: 1,400 m/4,593 ft
Max. Altitude: 1,400 m/4,593 ft
Max. Altitude: 1,400 m/4,593 ft
Max. Altitude: 1,400 m/4,593 ft
Max. Altitude: 1400m/4593ft.

Bungee jumping Note

It’s Important to remember that the weather has a big impact on Bungee Jumping. Visibility is essential for safe operations, and the Bunjee are dependent on weather clearance. Although WE are giving Every day’s Bunjee availability, It is advised to schedule the trip during the optimum weather in Nepal, which is often between March to May and September to November, when the weather are clear and the scenery is breathtaking.

What's Included / Excluded

Cost Incluldes

  •  Drop off and Pick up  from your hotel in Kathmandu
  • Bunjee Jump Fee
  • Salary of Guide
  • Government charges and costs for office services.

Cost Excludes

  • Personal expense, if  you spend in the landing sports
  • Personal gear and equipment.
  • Tips to staffs
  • All Fees and Taxes

Fixed Departure


We are giving Every day’s departure availability. It is advised to schedule the trip during the optimum weather in Nepal, which is often between March to May and September to November when the sky is clear and the scenery is breathtaking. This is also informed that sometimes the Bungee Jumping can be canceled or delayed due to weather reasons or some other technical matter.

Booking and Cancellation procedure

The booking procedure for Bungee Jumping in Nepal: 

  • Research and decide your bungee jumping location.
  • Reach out to us via phone, email, or our website to check on availability and ask any special inquiries.
  • Check Availability and Schedule (Due to bad weather, Bunjee might be delayed or postponed for safety concerns.
  • Give the required information, including your name, nationality, passport number, and weight.
  • Payment confirmation (10% upon booking confirmation and remaining balance 24 hours in advance of your Bunjee Jump)
  • Make your final confirmation payment and get ready for the Bunjee.

Cancellation procedure of Bungee Jumping in Nepal: 

  • Read the Cancellation Policy provided on our website.
  • Inform us of the reason and decision to cancel the tour by mail.
  • Send a request for your cancelation at least one week before to get a 100% refund (refund amount may be different due to the change of exchange rates)
  • 10 % of your deposit won’t be refunded if you cancel less than a week before your trip.
  • Due to the difficult Law of Center Bank of Nepal to wire or transfer money internationally, the refund process may take time or you can get cash as a refund if you are in Nepal.
  • if we will be compelled to Cancel your trip from our side, due to various reasons such as bad weather conditions, natural disasters, technical errors, etc., you are eligible to have a full refund.


What is the minimum age for bungee jumping in Nepal?

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