Two Nights Three Days Tour Package

Explore Heritage Sites.
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  • 1 PAX US$1083
  • 2 PAX US$725
  • 3 PAX US$675
  • 4 PAX US$675
  • 5-10 PAX US$675
  • 11-20 PAX US$650
Price Per Person US$ 650 All included Services

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  • Visit to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan
  • See the Pashupatinath Temple, one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites in the world
  • Enjoy the panoramic views of the Himalayas from Nagarkot (20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Kathmandu)
  • Explore the bustling local markets of Patan and Thamel
  • Enjoying the traditional Newari foods and Thakali foods

What would you do if you just had three days two nights tour to spend in Nepal on vacation?

If you have only three days four nights tour for a holiday in Nepal, Touch The Himalaya Treks would help you immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the capital city, Kathmandu, and its neighboring attractions. Upon your arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), our office representative will be waiting for you with a banner bearing both your name and the name of the company “Touch The Himalaya Treks”. Then he or she might pick you up from TIA, then transfer you to our office, which is located at the heart of the Kathmandu Valley, known as Thamel, and we can finalize our time and places wherever you want to explore in a 2-night and 3-day Nepal Tour.

After some meals, You would dive into the historical wonders of Kathmandu, gazing in awe at the intricately designed palaces, temples, and courtyards. The following day, you would embark on a journey to Patan, also known as Lalitpur, where you could soak in the heritage of this ancient city by exploring Patan Durbar Square and savoring the flavors of authentic Newari cuisine. Continuing your adventure, you would visit Bhaktapur, wandering through its vibrant streets and experiencing the architectural marvels of Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and go to the Saga (the biggest statue of Lord Shiva). The day would end on a serene note as you headed to Nagarkot, a hill station, to witness the mesmerizing sunset views over the Himalayas.

The next morning, an early rise would reward you with a breathtaking sunrise from Nagarkot. This place is also known for its panoramic views of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest, Annapurna, and Manaslu. There are a number of things to do in Nagarkot, including hiking, biking, bird watching, and visiting local temples and monasteries. Savoring the mountain vistas, you would then return to Kathmandu, where you might have some time for additional exploration or leisure before departing with unforgettable memories of Nepal’s culture, history, and natural beauty. Though brief, this itinerary promises a glimpse into the essence of Nepal, leaving you inspired to return and explore more in the future.

If you have more time to explore Nepal, Touch the Himalaya Treks also provides a different package for you, such as: (3 nights and 4 days, 4 nights and 5 days, 5 nights and 6 days, 6 nights and 7 days). We have been in operation for over a decade and have also been awarded many rewards from recognized travel businesses such as Tripadvisor. We assure full customer satisfaction and have been recognized for our hospitality as well.

 Three Days Two Nights Tour Package

Heart of Nepal Kathmandu

Kathmandu city is a rich mixture of historical wonders, spiritual sanctuaries, and exciting entertainment venues, all nestled inside the beautiful Kathmandu District. The area is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the historic Durbar Square, which features exquisitely carved temples, palaces, and courtyards that highlight the extraordinary skill of Newar craftsmen. Among these treasures are the famous Boudhanath and Swayambhunath stupas, which rise magnificently and are regarded as holy Buddhist pilgrimage sites where visitors and devotees find peace in their tranquil surroundings.

In the center of the Kathmandu District, historic grandeur coexists with modern excitement. The city’s busy hub, Thamel, provides a wide range of experiences, from lively markets and regional restaurants to hip cafes and modern music venues. This is where the city’s entertainment industry comes to life, offering a wide range of preferences and giving guests an immersive experience. Kathmandu District continues to be a mesmerizing location where spiritual reverence, historical heritage, and modern attractiveness combine. The past and current coexist happily to produce a remarkable experience for those who discover its charms.

Patan Lalitpur

Welcome to lalitpur, Patan the city is ornamented with several historical sites, most famously the ancient Patan Durbar Square, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features exquisitely constructed temples, palaces, and courtyards that serve as enduring reminders of the city’s past.

Immersion in the timeless ambience of Newar architecture is encouraged by the elaborate woodwork and brick structures that are emblematic of the enduring craftsmanship that has been passed down through the years. Among Patan’s religious sites, the Krishna Mandir is a revered Hindu temple honoring Lord Krishna that is renowned for its exquisite stone carvings and architectural design. The Patan Museum, on the other hand, is a proud steward of the city’s cultural legacy, containing an extensive collection of artwork and historical artifacts that provide a window into its rich history.

In the middle of its ancient majesty, Patan is full with modern life, with busy markets and lively entertainment districts. Shops offering traditional handicrafts, fabrics, and souvenirs litter Patan’s bustling streets, giving tourists a glimpse into the city’s artisanal traditions. When night falls, Patan becomes a center of live music, cultural events, and busy cafes where visitors and residents alike congregate to enjoy the lively ambiance of the city. Patan enthralls tourists with its unique fusion of history, spirituality, and modern appeal whether exploring its ancient past or savoring its contemporary offers.

The Ancient Town Bhaktapur

The ancient town Bhaktapur, commonly referred to as Bhadgaon, is a living museum of old Newar culture and architecture, tucked away in the scenic Kathmandu Valley. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, features an amazing collection of temples, palaces, and courtyards that are embellished with elaborate brickwork and woodcarvings that represent the city’s rich historical heritage. A testament to Bhaktapur’s spiritual and architectural prowess is the towering pagoda-style architecture of the Nyatapola Temple, while the Malla dynasty’s grandeur is on display at the 55 Window Palace. Bhaktapur provides a tranquil haven beyond its historical landmarks, such as the Sanga Mahadev Statue, a soaring religious structure that provides sweeping valley views and a calm haven for introspective meditation.

Bhaktapur is a thriving center of entertainment and recreation in addition to its cultural assets. The lively streets of the city are lined with small cafes, lively markets, and artisan workshops where guests may savor regional specialties, purchase traditional handicrafts, and take in the lively ambiance. The city’s attraction is enhanced by cultural events, including as traditional music and dance, and there are countless options for entertainment and leisure thanks to its vibrant nightlife. Bhaktapur offers a riveting experience that honors the rich tapestry of Nepalese culture and history, whether one chooses to explore its ancient heritage sites, pursue spiritual enlightenment, or just take in the vibrant atmosphere.

Beautiful Nagarkot

Nagarkot is well known for its magnificent sunrise views and mountain vistas. It is tucked away in Nepal’s peaceful hills. The sky is painted in shades of pink and gold as the first light of morning softly touches the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, producing a captivating sight that attracts the senses. The magnificent Mount Everest towers over the other peaks that grace the horizon, creating a magnificent silhouette against the early morning sky. Witnessing this breathtaking natural event draws large crowds of people to Nagarkot, who find comfort in the serene power of the mountains and the prospect of a fresh day.

Nagarkot has breathtaking views of the sunrise in addition to a wealth of exciting adventure activities for those seeking excitement. The town offers heart-pounding activities that highlight the natural beauty of the surrounding area, such paragliding high above the valleys and exhilarating zip line rides. In addition, there are mountain bike tracks for adventurers to explore the harsh terrain and beautiful hiking routes that wind through verdant forests and undulating hills. Nagarkot provides a life-changing experience for everyone who visits, whether they are looking for an exhilarating adventure or are just wanting to relax in the peaceful surroundings.

End of Three Days Two Nights Tour Package

As our Three Days Two Nights Tour through Nepal concludes, reflect on the enriching experiences that have colored our adventure. From the vibrant streets of Kathmandu to the serene views from Nagarkot and the ancient charm of Patan, each moment has woven a tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty.

The majestic Kathmandu Durbar Square to the spiritual sanctuaries of Pashupatinath Temple and Swayambhunath, we immersed ourselves in Nepal’s timeless heritage. Bhaktapur’s architectural wonders offered moments of awe and reflection. Patan’s temples and bustling markets provided a fitting finale to our Nepalese odyssey, leaving us with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for this captivating country.

As we bid farewell to Nepal, we hope that you thoroughly enjoyed our Three Days Two Nights Tour Package. May the spirit of its beauty and hospitality stay with us, guiding us on future adventures. Until we meet again amidst the mountains and valleys of this enchanting land, let our hearts be filled with gratitude and wonder. Namaste.

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Arrival in Kathmandu - Cultural Exploration

Max. Altitude: 1,400m/4,593 ft. Meals: Breakfast Accommodation: 2/3 Star Hotel
Max. Altitude: 2,200 m/7,217 ft Meals: Breakfast Accommodation: 2/3 Star Hotel
Max. Altitude: 1,400m/4,593 ft. Meals: Breakfast Accommodation: 2/3 Star Hotel

Not satisfy with this Tour Itinerary ?

This tour itinerary is just the guide line, it can be changed (longer or shorter) as per our client's time frame, wishes or interests, and the ground reality. If you're not satisfied or have an alternative plan of your tour, please feel free to discuss it with us By Clicking :- ASK QUESTION or COSTOMIZE YOUR TRIP.

What's Included / Excluded

Cost Incluldes

  • Airport pick up and drop off by Car, jeep, Hiace or Bus. Depends on the number of arrives.
  • Complimentary welcome or farewell dinner according to the suitability of our client’s time.
  • Three nights stay in Kathmandu in tourist standard hotel with breakfast included (twin share basis)
  • One night stay in Nagarkot in tourist standard hotel with breakfast included (twin share basis)
  • Two nights stay in Pokhara in tourist standard hotel with breakfast included (twin share basis)
  • One night stay in Lumbini in tourist standard hotel with breakfast included (twin share basis)
  • Two nights stay in Chitwan at tourist Resort  with breakfast Lunch and Dinner  (twin share basis)
  • Chitwan National park ticket with all the popular activities such as  Elephant back safari, bath with elephant, canoeing, jungle walk, visit to Elephant Breeding Center, village walk, Bird watching, Tharu cultural program, view of sunset from the bank of river etc.
  • An experienced, English-speaking, government-licensed, first aid trained special city tour guide
  • A national park guide during Chitwan  National park activities.
  • All Tour  transportation from arrive until the departure By Car/Jeep/Hiace or by bus (depends on the number of people in group,  based on itinerary (Optional Clients may take flights with extra cost)
  • Staff costs (Driver and guide) including their salary, insurance, Equipment, transport, food and accommodations
  • Basic First-aid kit (carried by tour guide)
  • All government and local taxes for tour, Agency service charge and government tax/vat.

Cost Excludes

  • International airfare and Nepal visa fee.
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Pokhara Lumbini.
  • All necessary Entrance permit & fees, (National Park area, heritage sites, temple or any attractions ).
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu because of early arrival, late departure, early return from tour (due to any reason) than in the scheduled itinerary
  • Personal insurance which covers medical, emergency evacuation, loss or theft of property.
  • Personal gears and equipment.
  • Personal expenses such as laundry,  shopping, shipping, tripping  etc.
  • Entry fees and costs in sightseeing (temples, monasteries, etc)
  • Tips and gratitude provided to guide and Driver

Fixed Departure

October -2023

Tour Departure Schedule

If We have scheduled date for this tour,  you can join with scheduled dated group  Or you can book this tour that suitable your own  date, It is advised to schedule the trip during the optimum weather in Nepal, which is often between March to May and September to December, when the sky are clear and the scenery is breathtaking. This is also informed that some time the drives can be delayed or disturbs   due to the worst road condition, high traffic jam, weather reason or some other natural disaster. 

Tour Booking and Cancellation procedure

Booking procedure of this Tour: 

  • Research and decide your tour with us first.
  • Contact us through our website, email, or phone to insure about availability and any specific questions.
  • Confirm Availability and Dates (If we have group, you can join or you can schedule your own date for your tour)
  • Provide Necessary Information (name, nationality, passport number etc)
  • Confirm Booking Payment (10 % upon booking conformation and remaining bill before 24 hours of of your tour starts)
  • Final reconfirmation, payment and be prepared for the tour. 

Cancellation procedure this Tour: 

  • Read the Cancellation Policy provided in our website.
  • Inform us the reason and decision to cancel the tour by mail.
  • Send request for your cancelation at least 15 days  before to get 100% refund (refund amount may be different due to the changed of exchange rates)
  • 10 % of your deposit won’t be refund if you cancel less then 15 days before your trip starts.
  • Due to the difficult Law of Center bank of Nepal to wire or transfer money internationally, refund process may take time or you can get cash as refund if you are in Nepal.
  • if we will be compelled to Cancel your trip from our side, due to various reasons such as bad weather conditions, natural disasters, technical errors, etc., you are eligible to have a full refund.






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