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  • Trekking in Nepal
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 Touch The Himalaya Treks and Expedition offers treks in every region of Nepal. We use lodges and tea houses for our more classic and popular treks and bring our own camping for the remote treks. Trekking is the ultimate way to experience the beauty and culture of Nepal.
Camping Trek:
There are many rural and remote trek destinations which offer an unforgettable journey in the rich Himalayan wilderness, and through traditional and virtually unchanged Nepalese villages and communities. Trekking through these areas will get you away from the more crowded tourist hotspots, but require a little more preparation and equipment. Our camping trek excursions provide you with the gear and services you need to trek in these regions and enjoy the magnificent surroundings. These journeys are free from noise and over-crowding and offer hygienic and tasteful meals prepared by well-trained cooks.
Tea-house Trekking:
Touch The Himalaya Treks 
Some popular destinations can be enjoyed with Tea-house trekking, which is more economical than a camping trek. Tea-house trekking is suitable for individuals or small groups, and offers contact with local people providing insight into Nepalese culture and promotes local employment. For tea-house trekking, Touch The Himalaya Treks provides you with guiding services, accommodation, and meals in the lodges which are well supervised by our staff.