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Touch The Himalaya Trekking Equipments

Packing List In Nepal Trekking.
Certain basic trekking equipment is essential on all routes. Depending on the area and season, Here we have provideed The comprehensive list of necessities.Here are some recommended Equipments List for trekking in Nepal Himalayas. 
Rain coat/jacket/Trouser One Down Jacket/wind proof Jacket/Trouser(heavy one)
2/3 pairs of Long light Trouser (depends on duration of trek) 2 pair of Half Pants (shorts)
4/5 pairs of short sleeve T- shirt (depend on duration of trek)
2 pair of long sleeve T-shirt, 1/2 pair of Fleece jacket/Jumper
2 pairs of Leggings,4/5 pairs of under wear,
4/5 pairs of light shocks and 2/3 pairs of heavy(warm) shocks.
2 pairs of Gloves (one light fleece/woolen and another water proof/wind proof depend on season)

                             Trekking  boot  : (one pairs)                           
Camp shoes (1 pair)
Thick socks ( 4 pairs)
Light socks ( 3 pairs)
Sandals (1 pair)

Sun glass, Sun cream, Sun Hat,
Woolen hat, First aid kid, Luggage cover, Flash light.
Sleeping Bag around -15/20 degree depend on trekking route and duration of trek

Personal Climbing Gear for mountain
Alpine Climbing Harness, Crampons, Ice Axe, Ascender,
Multi-LED Head Lamp, Carabiners, Rappel Device, Trekking Poles, Slings,
Prusik loops, Masks, Hoses, Regulators, Altimeter, Climbing Helmet, Oxygen bottles

  Have Nice Trekking