Touch The Himalaya Trekking Equipments

Packing List In Nepal Trekking.

On all routes, a few pieces of basic trekking equipment are required. Here, we have supplied a complete list of requirements based on the location and season. Here is a list of suggested gear for trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal.


  1. Rain coat/jacket/Trouser One Down Jacket/wind proof Jacket/Trouser(heavy one)
  2. 2/3 pairs of Long light Trouser (depends on duration of trek) 2 pair of Half Pants (shorts)
  3. 4/5 pairs of short sleeve T- shirt (depend on duration of trek)
  4. 2 pair of long sleeve T-shirt, 1/2 pair of Fleece jacket/Jumper
  5. 2 pairs of Leggings,4/5 pairs of under wear,
  6. 4/5 pairs of light shocks and 2/3 pairs of heavy(warm) shocks.
  7. 2 pairs of Gloves (one light fleece/woolen and another water proof/wind proof depend on season)



  1. Trekking  boot  : (one pairs)                           

  2. Camp shoes (1 pair)

  3. Thick socks ( 4 pairs)

  4. Light socks ( 3 pairs)

  5. Sandals (1 pair)


  1. Sun glass, Sun cream, Sun Hat,
  2. Woolen hat, First aid kid, Luggage cover, Flash light.
  3. Sleeping Bag around -15/20 degree depend on trekking route and duration of trek

Personal Climbing Gear for mountain

  1. Alpine Climbing Harness, Crampons, Ice Axe, Ascender,
  2. Multi-LED Head Lamp, Carabiners, Rappel Device, Trekking Poles, Slings,
  3. Prusik loops, Masks, Hoses, Regulators, Altimeter, Climbing Helmet, Oxygen bottles

  Have Nice Trekking