Bungee Jumping

Bungy jumping is a great option for those who genuinely enjoy adventurous sports at specific times!

You board a comfortable bus out of Thamel at six in the morning with other overnight travelers and fellow jumpers. With a few tea breaks along the route, the travel takes roughly 3.5 hours. You can see the bridge five minutes before we get at the resort! Once there, we'll introduce you to the bungy team, give you a safety briefing, weigh you, and assign you a time slot. Then, until it's your turn, all you have to do is keep your head cool. Do not forget to have lunch! totaled 82 euros for you.

Take into account doing the bungy and swing for just 20 Euros more before adding to your package. For the same price as spending a night in Thamel, you can also stay the night with lunch, supper, and breakfast for 20 Euros, which is a fantastic deal.