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Every year "Touch The Himalaya Treks and Expedition" helps thousands of visitors around the world for trekking,expedition and peak climbing. Let us help you find the best location that is suitable for you to spend your vacation in Nepal. Touch the Himalaya trek and expedition offers complete travel and expedition services that start from your arrival to your departure. our complete services will memorize your holidays in Nepal. Our commitment is to do our best to make you happy and to make your trip meaningful.We are fully specialized in trekking and peak climbing along with rafting, jungle safari, mountain flights, ticketing, sightseeing, paragliding, bungee jumping, homestay and much more. To make your holidays happy in Nepal, we are working in collaboration with other companies.service banner

  • Trekkings
     Touch The Himalaya Treks and Expedition offers treks in every region of Nepal. We use lodges and tea houses for our more classic and popular treks and bring our own camping equipment for the more remote treks. Trekking is the ultimate way to experience the beauty and culture of Nepal.
    Camping Trek:
    There are many rural and remote trek destinations which offer an unforgettable journey in the rich Himalayan wilderness, and through traditional and virtually unchanged Nepalese villages and communities. Trekking through these areas will get you away from the more crowded tourist hotspots, but require a little more preparation and equipment. Our camping trek excursions provide you with the gear and services you need to trek in these regions and enjoy the magnificent surroundings. These journeys are free from noise and over-crowding and offer hygienic and tasteful meals prepared by well-trained cooks.
    Tea-house Trekking:
    Touch The Himalaya Treks 
    Some popular destinations can be enjoyed with Tea-house trekking, which is more economical than a camping trek. Tea-house trekking is suitable for individuals or small groups, and offers contact with local people providing insight into Nepalese culture and promotes local employment. For tea-house trekking, Touch The Himalaya Treks provides you with guiding services, accommodation, and meals in the lodges which are well supervised by our staff.
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  • Sightseeing

    Nepal is the country of Mt. Everest (8,848m high) the highest peak on earth. Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha where you can experience the great holy city of Lumbini, the center point of world peace. Furthermore, it is a country of numerous temples........

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  • Jungle Safari

    As well as the mountain peaks and Himalayan panorama, Nepal is also known for its jungle forests. Here you can find varied wildlife including the rare great one Horned Rhinocerous, several species of Deer, Sloth Bear, Leopard and wild Boar, freshwater Dolphin and the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. Wildlife enthusiasts......

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  • Mountains Flights

    We offer daily mountain flights through various domestic airlines that take-off from Kathmandu Airport in the early morning for spectacular mountain views. These flights are suitable for all categories of traveler including those who either don't have suffiicient time to go hiking or are unable to do so for physical reasons. It is one of the most adventurous and popular actiivities in Nepal for international visitors.

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  • Air Ticketing

    We provide air ticketing services in collaboration with different domestic and international airlines. We offer international and domestic e-ticket service, charter flight, helicopter charters and vehicle rental services. So you can contact us for air ticketing with special discounts for domestic and international flight.............

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  • Paraglidings
  • Bunzee Jumping
  • Zip Flyers

    Touch The Himalaya can provide the opportunity to experience for the most extreme zipline in the world. The zip-flyer in Nepal is the world's  tallest, fastest and longest zipline and is located at Sarangkot on the outskirts of Pokhara ....

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  • Bus/Train Tickets

    Travelling by bus is a perfect way to explore the beauty of Nepal. It not only offers a chance to view the landscapes of rural area but also provides a real life experience of Nepali people. If you are planning to choose best bus and train ticketing service provider in Nepal then Touch The Himalaya can......

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  • Home Stay Packages

    There are a lot of trekking and travel agencies offering a tour and travel package but if you are searching for a homestay package then Homestay with Touch The Himalaya could be the right solution for you. In this package, we will provide you with an opportunity to stay and spend some time in Nepal with a Nepali family.

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  • Volunteering service

    We are registered and located in the the heart of the Kathmandu valley. We can help organise a volunteering experience with every organization of Nepal depending on what you are looking for. This is a non-profit service so there is no additional cost involved. If you are searching for an organization to volunteer in Nepal then we can certainly help in this matter.

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